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Affordable Fixed & Mobile Solar Subsystems

  • 200-1,200 Watt Solar Panel Arrays
  • Selectable Peripherals (HD Camera, LED Light Arrays, network Video recorders)
  • 200-1,200 Amp-Hour Battery Array
  • Single axil mobile trailer or fixed Skid base
  • Affordable Engineering customization services
  • Call Us - 844-735-2648 or Contact Us

Mobile Video Cameras & Trailers Services

  • 6 foot single axle trailer with outriggers
  • 30 foot telescoping aluminum mast
  • Self contained power and wireless Internet
  • Hi Res pan/tilt/zoom IP camera
  • Designed for remote locations with no power
  • Provides wireless Internet connection
  • Custom presets views and patrol mode
  • Low light settings for night viewing

Custom Engineering Services

  • Custom system configurations are available upon request
  • Offsite video recording, monitoring notice services
  • Time laps video capture and production
  • Call toll free for more information at 844-735-2648 or Customer information request
200-1,200 Watt Solar Power
200-1,200 Amp-Hour Battery Array