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Alaunus Mobile Power Station - MPS

ePlanIt has been a pioneer in solar powered products designed to save you time and money. Alaunus is designed for low voltage applications and ideal for powering a wide range of devices. No more hauling diesel fuel, expensive maintenance or loud noise! Alaunus MPS900 is the application designed specifically for the rugged construction and industrial markets. This powerful plant lets supervisors in the field work with QUIET, CLEAN and GREEN Energy. ePlanIt has developed THE equipment you need.

Alaunus Portable Solar Light Tower - PSLT

Designed for low voltage LED Light Tower. Our Portable Solar Light Towers operate at zero decibels and are not noisy like Diesel Generator Light towers. No need for refueling, oil changes, air filters and scheduled maintenance.The battery bank is powered by the sun using green energy with zero waist. LED Lights last longer than Metal-halide Lights reducing cost and frequency of light replacements.

Alaunus Mobile Video Trailer - MVT

Save your business time and money by remotely monitoring your construction sites. This rugged, self-contained and self-powered remote surveillance system provides reliable streaming video, Pan/Tilt/Zoom control, archives, night-vision, patrol modes and much more. Each MVT is solar powered and includes a high speed wireless internet connection for portable and secure video transmission. If increased productivity and jobsite security are high priorities, ePlanIt's MVT is the solution.

Video Internet Module - VIM

Designed as a low cost solution for remote jobsite monitoring, our Video and Internet Module (VIM) installs easily and gives you instant on site video and Internet connectivity. Simply mount the unit to any existing pole or wall and connect 110VAC power. Our VIM can be configured with either a broadband or WiFi Internet connection. Once installed, the camera can be controlled and/or viewed from any computer or PDA with an Internet connection.

Network Video Recorder - NVR

Record and playback two years of video from 16 cameras with our Network Video Recorder (NVR). A NVR will also enhance the functionality of your jobsite MVT systems by allowing multiple users to access multiple cameras simultaneously. Integrated into your project web site is a simple calendar based interface for easy search and playback of all video images stored on your NVR.