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Video Internet Module (VIM)

The most affordable wireless network construction camera available

You'll be surprised at how inexpensive jobsite video monitoring can be. Our Video and Internet Modules use state-of-the-art technology and are available for a fraction of what our competition charges. We've integrated the latest in high-resolution cameras, wireless Internet, and digital video recording software. Designed specifically for construction sites, our rugged VIM installs in minutes, simply attach it to a pole or wall and connect power. Not only will you be able to view your jobsite from any computer with an internet connection, each VIM also creates an Internet Hotspot so you'll have wireless internet connectivity wherever it is placed.
Key Features
    • pan/tilt/zoom IP camera, 22X optical zoom
    • Wi-Fi or broadband internet connection
    • 3 Mbps download / 750K upload data rate
    • 1GB on camera video storage
    • Multiple camera options to fit your needs


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