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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Unlike other construction management products we deliver more than just scheduling and administrative tools. We've taken an approach to construction management that utilizes real-time job-site information delivered through the Internet to your ePlanIt Project Manager™ company site. Information about your projects comes directly from the field giving you the most accurate source for managing your construction projects and increasing your margins. By integrating Mobile Video Cameras and GPS Labor Tracking directly into your ePlanIt Project Manager™ website you have real-time access to all the information necessary to maximize supervision, productivity and communication.
A: When you subscribe to ePlanIt Project Manager™ we create an interactive website for your company that delivers a wide variety of construction management tools and features. Your website becomes a secure password protected portal to each of your projects. You control access to your website by adding additional users such as supervisors, sub contractors, developers, and GCs. You also control what features within the website each user can access so they can share information, submit bids, update plans, check project status, and much more. All our products work together, when you add Mobile Video Towers or Labor Tracking Services they are seamlessly integrated into your ePlanIt Project Manager™ website.
A: We charge a monthly service fee for all of our products and services plus a one time set-up fee. The fee is calculated based on the number of users, projects, construction cameras, workers, etc. You only pay for the products and services you use and when your project is complete you simply cancel the service. Contact us and take a minute to complete our quote request form and an ePlanIt representative will respond within one business day.
A: All our new customers get 60 days of unlimited complimentary technical support from the date of purchase. We also offer a number of continuing technical support plans to meet each customers needs. All hardware maintenance and repair is included free of charge for as long as you continue your service.
A: Our products and services pay for themselves in a number of ways. You'll start seeing the savings almost immediately. ePlanIt Project Manager™ improves efficiency, communication, schedules, and productivity while minimizing support staff. Mobile Video Towers save travel time, increase worker productivity, improve safety and reduce jobsite theft. While our Labor Tracking System eliminates overbilling, optimizes resource management, and prevents fraud. By combining all of our products and services, many customers have seen their margins improve 15 to 25 percent.
A: Our customers are a variety of construction professionals, from General Contractor and Developers to large and small Sub Contractors. Because our products are scalable they provide state-of-the-art construction management solutions for any size company. Contact us and we would be happy to provide you with a list of references.
A: No, all you need is your existing computer and an Internet connection. Our ePlanIt Project Manager™ web service is provided through the Internet and customer websites are hosted in a secure server complex. These is no software to install or additional hardware to purchase.
A: Just a phone call. Once you place your order we create a secure website for you to access the construction camera and deliver the Mobile Construction Camera to your jobsite. Select a location, and the construction camera can be set up and working within 30 minutes. You don't need to worry about running any special wiring since the system is completely self contained.
A: Yes. You can watch live video from your Mobile Construction Camera on any computer or PDA with Internet access. Your secure ePlanIt website is your interface to the construction camera feed. Login to your website and you'll be able to watch live video as well as replay and search through all the recorded video. If you add our Network Video Recorder multiple users and access the construction camera simultaneously.
A: Your ePlanIt website contains an interface that lets you control the construction camera remotely from any computer or PDA with Internet access. You can pan and tilt the construction camera to look anywhere you want and the 22X optical zoom lets you view you jobsite in detail.
A: A scheduling interface is built into your website that lets you program up to 32 preset locations for the construction camera to look at and the duration of each preset. Put the construction camera in Touring Mode and it will automatically move from one preset view to the next. You can also program the construction camera to switch to different modes or presets based on time and day. During the day the construction camera can be programmed to scan work locations around the jobsite while at night it can change to a security mode and monitor gates, trailers, and equipment. Set up motion detection zones and the construction camera will zoom in to the motion and send an alert to your phone or email.
A: With the addition of our Network Video Recorder (NVR) you can record up to 2 years of video depending on the resolution and the number of frames per minute. Without the NVR the system will record 3 days of continuous video at the default settings of 640x480 and 30 frames per minute.
A: We take care of all hardware repairs and maintenance. If you ever have a problem with the construction camera just call our support staff and a technician will repair the construction camera on site or replace it.
A: Leasing is the most cost effective way to add our Mobile Construction Cameras to your jobsites. You pay a monthly fee until your project is complete or you no longer need the construction camera. If you want, the construction camera can also be moved to other jobsites. You can buy the Mobile Video Tower and then pay a small monthly fee for the web service. Contact us and take a minute to complete our quote request form and an ePlanIt representative will be happy to review which option is best for you.
A: Moving the video tower is quick and easy. The system breaks down and sets up in less than an hour. As your construction progresses you can move the construction camera to improve visibility and lines of sight.