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Wireless, Solar Powered Jobsite Monitoring Construction Camera

You'll be surprised at how inexpensive jobsite video monitoring can be. Our Alaunus MVT uses state-of-the-art technology and are available for a fraction of what our competition charges. We've integrated the latest technology in high-resolution cameras, wireless Internet, solar power, and digital video recording software.

Designed specifically for construction sites, our rugged Mobile Construction Camera is completely self-contained, trailer mounted, stabilized, and require no external connections for full operation. The system sets up in less than an hour and can be moved quickly and easily. The weighted base provides the same stability to wind as a fixed camera tower while still allowing easy relocation. If you already have power at your jobsite, we also offer a fixed location wireless  video and internet module (VIM) that only requires 110AC power for operation.

Remote monitoring and controlling of your camera is simple, just log into your project site from any computer to access your Network Video Controller (NVC). The NVC interface enables you to establish recording schedules, set patrol modes, create motion detection zones, and use access Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) controls for each of the system's cameras. For enhanced performance, add our optional Network Video Recorder to record up to 2 years of video and allow simultaneous multi-user access. (see MVT Brochure7.pdf)


Key Features
  • 6 foot single axel trailer with outriggers
  • 30 foot telescoping aluminum mast
  • Self contained power and wireless Internet
  • Hi Res pan/tilt/zoom IP camera, 22X optical zoom
  • View and control from any computer
  • 1280x860 resolution @ 30 frames/minute
  • 12 day dual battery back-up power
  • Two 80 watt, 5 amp solar panel
  • 3 Mbps download / 750K upload data rate
  • Anti-tamper lock box
  • Rugged heavy duty construction
  • Rated up to 100 mph winds
  • Designed for remote locations with no power
  • Provides wireless Internet connection
  • 32 custom presets views and patrol mode
  • Motion detection and email alerts
  • One person can set up in minutes
  • 10GB camera video recording storage
  • Low light settings for night viewing
  • MVT Brochure7.pdf